The game consists in travel around the hinterlands of Brazil's northeast being part of a gang of bandits called by "Cangaceiros". They were a group of outlaws that plundered small cities with low protection by police enforcement.

The player must choose one of Cangaceiros to start the journey and invade the cities. Across the long walks around the hinterlands, there are mysterious hazards and ambushes, principally at night. If it is night, the player only can hold a lamp called by "Lampião" to illuminate the way around. First, the game will be launched only with the morning time. The objective is to kill the cops, another enemies, survive the hinterlands and pillage the cities to complete the mission.

Eventually, there is going to appear another gang called by "Volantes". They were a group originated by orphans which lost their parents by the Cangaceiros, and were made by a vengeful spirit. The poverty in the region were intense becouse the lack of water and food supplies, so it was too hard to get money and become rich with safety.

The gameplay is mainly based on Metal Slug mechanics of side scrolling shoot'em up. The Player could walk, jump and aim in 2d to shoot enemies and obstacles. Later there will be more combat modes.

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